Cowboy Cricket Farm Update

In this blog post I am going to get you up-to-date on our farm. We finally did it! After months of searching for a location, we finally are in a building thanks to craigslist. This was not an easy task! Not every building owner was keen on the idea of crickets. Not only did we find a building willing to let us breed crickets but it's a new building. Therefore, we don't have to worry about deep cleaning and sealing cement floors as we would have with a unit previously used as a body shop. As a bonus the landlord is a plumber, so we shouldn't have any plumbing issues (at least not for very long).
This week is spent on the hatchery. A room with in-floor radiant heating will be perfect for hatching pin heads. Assembling racks, installing a humidifier, and ordering water dishes and crickets are the priority for this week. We should have our starting population in around two weeks! Also, in the next coming weeks we will receive our massive commercial freezer. We are working with a fantastic company in town to make this happen.
Next month will be spent are the larger space. Friends are lending a hand (for pizza and beverages) to build the many wooden racks. Also, stay tuned next month for chocolate cricket ideas for your loved ones!
Thank you so much for reading our blogs. If you have any ideas on what you would like me to write about please contact us and let us know.
Looking into the future:
1.) Getting our kitchen certified as a commercial kitchen
2.) Getting certified organic
3.) Ship crickets to our awesome clients!

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