New kitchen construction!

It's been a rocky time getting to here, but we are getting closer!  A new kitchen is being constructed right next door to the farm and we couldn't be more excited!

Wow!  The last year has been quite an amazing ride… and it just keeps getting better!  Over the last year we have won two major business plan competitions, taken 2nd place in another, received university and State of Montana grant funding for research, and now our greatest feat yet… A NEW COMMERCIAL KITCHEN!

 Since the cricket farm started in January we have been struggling to find a place to process our crickets.  We were very fortunate to find support at the Livingston Food Resource Center in Livingston, MT and are grateful to them for the help.  Without their support we could not have made even our very first batch of food grade products!  They even helped us get our food license.  We cannot thank them enough for their time and assistance!  Unfortunately their facility is 45 minutes away… over a mountain pass!  It is expensive for us to drive ourselves and employees to the kitchen to be able to process our food grade products, not to mention the dangers of going through the pass in the winter time.  Now, however, we have a chance to change that!

 Our awesome landlord has recently started building us a space for a new commercial kitchen.  The catch?  This means that now we need to buy our own equipment.  Oh, no!  This is where YOU come in.  We need your help to make this a reality.  We already have some amazing products being produced, but with the new kitchen we will be able to bring even more cricket goodness to the world, and even better we will be able to reduce our costs and pass that savings right onto you, our loyal customers.  This means that we can lower prices while increasing profits and bring our products to an even larger crowd the world over.

 How are we going to do this though?  Kickstarter is a big part of it.  The support, the orders for awesome gifts and prizes, they all help a lot.  We will have a lot of ongoing expenses though and we have found a great way to cover these.  Gallatin County currently has a shortage of commercial kitchen space available to rent and the spaces that are available are extremely expensive.  So what we plan to do is find a few, local, Montana made, innovative food companies that are just waiting for a space.  We will charge them a reasonable fee, not the exuberant amounts currently being charged, then we will help them grow their businesses as well!  Their hourly rental of our facility will pay for our lease, utilities, insurance, and licensing for the kitchen.  Even better, these customers will allow us to hire a full time kitchen manager.

 Our campaign will go live later this month (August 2017), but by supporting us on Kickstarter not only are you helping to save the world for future generations, but you are helping to create American jobs now!

 Wait… I can save the world by supporting this Kickstarter campaign?  Why yes… yes you can, and here’s how!

 Compared to a pound of beef, our crickets use 2,060X less water, 14 times less feed, produce 80X less methane, and use less than 1% of the comparable land mass.  This means in our small, 2,000 sf facility we can produce nearly 50,000 lbs of crickets per year!!!!  That would take 25 cattle 2 years and a whole lot more resources to produce the same amount of protein.

 Not sold yet?  What if I told you that you could save lives too?  Crickets are known for being very high in protein, but many people don’t know that they also have twice the amount of iron per pound than beef does.  According to the World Health Organization ( iron deficiency is the leading cause of nutrition related illness in the world.  Horrible diseases like anemia and pica are caused by a lack of iron in your diet.  In most of the developed world it isn’t a big of an issue as many underdeveloped nations, however it hits closer to home than you may think!

For women in the U.S., 16% in the age range of 14–50 years consumed less than the Estimated Average Requirement (EAR) for iron.  By using our cricket powder in breads, cakes, cookies, shakes, ect. we can significantly increase the iron consumption on major populations back to safe levels.  Right now though our powder is too expensive for many people to afford.  By having the kitchen nearby and at essentially no cost to us through renting out the space, we can significantly decrease the costs of the powder and make it more accessible to more people.  So yes, YOU can help to save lives just by supporting our Kickstarter campaign.  

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