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Cowboy Cricket Food Hatchery is Open!

It has been 11 months and about $50,000+ of direct expenses (not to mention the huge mental stresses), but the Cowboy Cricket Food Hatchery is officially open and licensed for business!!!

We had originally intended to rent out space by the hour to other food entrepreneurs, but do to zoning restrictions we are not able to.  What we can do though is co-pack!  In fact those food manufacturers can still help and be intimately involved in the process to make sure that everything goes well.  This means that Cowboy Cricket Farms can now help food entrepreneurs to plan, design, license, cook, package, and distribute their amazing products as well as make our in house cricket products!  So cool!!!!

Want to find out more about the Cowboy Cricket Food Hatchery?  Click HERE to get some more info or call Kathy at 406-209-5999 today to discuss your project.

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