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Happy Chirpy New Year!

noun – the consumption of insects by people.
One who engages in entomophagy can be considered to be entomological AF

Your eggnog is gone, and so are the pies. It’s a New Year! As we start this new year, we at Cowboy Cricket Farms, are approaching our 1-year anniversary. It has been a crazy rollercoaster and the crickets are still chirping. We worked often until the wee hours, well mostly James because I need my beauty rest. The farm may have been my idea, but James is the one who brings everything together. Below is a reflection on some of the highs and lows of this pass year. Keep on reading after that for some insight of what we are planning for 2018!
January 2017 – After months of searching for a building to house the crickets we finally found one through Craigslist! We got so many no’s. Who would have thought so many people didn’t want insects intentionally in their building?
February 2017 – 29th annual Bug Buffet at Montana State University!  Also, first hatches at the farm and the idea for the Chocolate Chirp Cookie. James didn’t want to do cookies, but we all know who won that conversation.
March 2017 –  Judges awarded Kat second place in Montana’s “Shark Tank” though it was easy to tell we were the crowd favorite. We get a chance to beat the first-place winner in a later competition (see April). 
April 2017 – James took first and then some at the John Ruffatto competition at the University of Montana, become the first team from MSU to win.
May –  Awesome news articles start rolling out all over the state.  People love crickets!!!
June -  We bring on our first retailer, Spire Climbing Center in Bozeman, MT
July 2017 – Smokey Jumpers, flavored dehydrated crickets, were born.
August 2017 – James got sent to the fire at Lolo Peak with the National Guard
September 2017 – James goes to New York
November 2017 – Holiday box launched. Also, we became the first farm for entomophagy (eating of bugs) to have a booth at the Entomological Society of America Conference in Denver. We meet a lot of great people and had a lot of fantastic conversations.
December 2017 – Hired an awesome person as a farm hand. She is also an experienced baker, so you can expect a new product launch in 2018.

And here we are, now at 2018! What do we have in store for this year? Can we grow as much, or more, as the first? We have a solid plan for growth and developing this industry even more. Here are just some highlights for what we are planning.
1. In January, to keep our website fresh, we are making daily changes. Each day of January, that’s 31 days, there will be something new/different on our website. Will you be able to spot the changes?
2. Also starting in January, weekly cooking videos. Of course, they will be featuring our tasty crickets. We want to grow our YouTube channel as fast as our crickets.
3. New product launch. Look out for it in January.
4. Testing units for our self-sustaining cricket habitat will be available to a select number of individuals. 
5. Better cookie wrappers. Easier to open and better for larger production.
6. Monthly box subscription service with the overall theme being Entomophagy. Not only will it contain some of ours, but we will have products from other companies. The goal is to increase the acceptance of entomophagy!

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