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How to Farm Crickets Class

We have had hundreds and hundreds of emails from people interested in raising their own crickets.  Some people want to raise them for food, some for chicken feed.  Some for bait, or to feed their lizards and tarantulas.  No matter the reason, there is always something in common with all of these people, they can't find a good resource!  Luckily we've been trying to help with this!

  Cowboy Cricket Farms started to create the first ever truly comprehensive and free tutorial on How to Farm Crickets.  We a video series in 8 parts and posted it on YouTube.  To our surprise it has received tens of thousand of view across the 8 videos!!!  If you want to start raising your own crickets, or even if you are just curious on how and why, then I whole heartedly suggest that you start there.  To make it easy for you, here's the whole 8 part series:

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
Part 5:
Part 6:
Part 7:
Part 8:

  What happened next we didn't see coming!  We received many, many comments, we even had to make some follow-up Q&A videos!  The biggest question that we got in email responses though? "How can I come to Montana and train with you?"  Well we didn't have a great answer, but we knew that we could come up with something.  After teaching our employees how to care for the crickets and after making the video series, we knew that we could quickly bring people through the process that had taken us over a year to create.  We started to reach out to these people who wanted even more knowledge and we gave them an answer, "Yes, we'll train you!"  But they'd have to come out to Montana and it wouldn't be free.

  We've now had people from several different states, Canada, and even Mexico attend our in person, how to farm crickets class.  The class is 6-8 hours long and designed for between 1-5 people to take at once.  All of the classes are private so that you don't have to worry about sensitive information, such as your plans for business, getting out to others.  The class costs $250 and it's a flat fee whether you have 1 person or 5.

  A typical day looks like this:

7 am class starts!

7-8 basic tour of the facility and process. Quick intros

8-12 how to farm crickets, life cycle, breeding, maintenance, frass

12-12:30 lunch

12:30 -2:30 Q&A, detailed interviews, plan reviews (if you already have a facility being planned)

Class gets out by 3, often times earlier depending on class size and how many questions you have.


We'd love to have you by the farm for a tour (which you can book here) or even for the full day class!  We also offer a one week version for $700 that covers the same material, but in more repetition.  The class is REQUIRED for our partner farmers to complete.  We recommend brining a notebook and pencils and probably a camera too.  Everything in the class is hands on and we're confident that you will be comfortable starting your own farm after graduation.  We also offer 6 months of email support for any of your questions after completing the class.  To book a time just email James at

Here's to your future farm!!!


  • Caleb, We don’t have smaller samples than the Jumpers,but perhaps that’s something to work on. It would be a great halloween treat or stocking stuffer too!

    C4G, we have a few different blogs and most stuff goes under “News”. You can find that under the blog tab at the top.

  • No updates since 2018! What gives?

  • Do you have a small sample pack to try your crickets? I’d love to try some. I love your videos.


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