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Landlords and Disgust

For the last month we have been speaking with property owners in an attempt to either rent or purchase a property for our farm. Despite the calls (many of which are not even returned) and despite speaking with the owners and even writing up offers, we have yet to find a suitable spot that will lease to us. It may seem discouraging at first, however, we are far from the first cricket based company to have this problem. Just recently in fact an article about Craft Crickets in the Register Guard reported,

“I probably called between 30 and 40 places before we got this space,” Miller said. “Many people we talked to were concerned about smell or the sound, or bugs getting into their space.”

Even the big names have had problems though. Chapul and Exo have stated that they had to look at many places before anyone would dare let them cook “BUGS” in their kitchens! Still, it is a bit disheartening to think that the fate of our young company rests in the hands of others.

The study of “disgust” is an interesting portion of psychology and is the reason for the problems that most insect food companies have. In the western world we are taught that insects and bugs are bad scary creatures who spell certain demise for everything that they touch. This is despite the fact that most of our food has trace amounts of insects and you probably even eat a few while you sleep each year. It is also the reason that Paul Rozin is the Scientist in Residence for the 2017 Bug Buffet at Montana State University. He is a disgust researcher, and we are hoping that Dr. Rozin will be able to clear up some misconceptions on the topic of disgust during his seminars this year.

So, for now, it is time for us to find a way to either buy or build a location. Luckily for us we have a fantastic team behind us that is willing to give us support and contacts into the industry. This is just one small hurtle in the longer race to complete Cowboy Cricket Farms and transform it into the market leader in naturally raised food crickets.

If you have any thoughts please let us know.

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