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The Holidays: Family, Presents, and Adventure

Like most people, my family and I spent time with our family and good friends during the holidays. This year we visited family and friends in Southern California. Some how my husband and I made the 2-day trip down to California with our sanity still intact. It’s not easy traveling with young kids especially with the excitement to see elephants and foxes at the San Diego Zoo.

This was our first time to this particular zoo. We expected to find the usual: lions, and tigers, and bears. However, we found much more and were surprise at the opportunity to geek out about insects. Finding the insect house was an unexpected treat. 

Dare you enter the house of Spineless Marvels.

An entire ant colony seen through the glass, bird eating spiders, and beetles fighting over a cricket were just some of the sights inside. We of course found the fact that crickets were also used as other insects food to be interesting. 


And they have marvelous signs.

The only thing we thought that was missing was a display on entomophagy. But as an unexpected treat to bugs we thought this was an awesome part of the zoo.

We also found those elephants and foxes that the kids were dying to see. If you have never been to the San Diego Zoo, be prepared to do a lot of walking as this zoo is huge!

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