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What's crawling on your Thanksgiving plate?

Turkey and stuffing and the usual Thanksgiving fare is about to be served to millions on Thursday. My favorite Thanksgiving dish is the pumpkin pie. However, in my 29 Thanksgivings even that's starting to get boring. Besides giving thanks it's time to try something new with your family. I'm talking about entomophagy, the consumption of insects.

Now before you go "Ew!" hear me out; I'm not asking you to try live creepy crawlies like they do in some areas of Mexico or whole fried tarantulas like in Thailand. You don't even need to eat what looks like a bug. Cricket flour is nutrition packed, containing all 9 essential amino acids (protein!), and looks like nothing more than a brown flour. You can use cricket flour just as you would for regular (boring) flour. Oh and by the way the taste is amazing; described as a nutty earthy flavor or sweet raisin.

So this year consider trying something a bit adventurous. Maybe a cricket pumpkin pie to surprise your guest with or some crunchy additives in your stuffing.

This post was inspired by the Audubon Nature Institute Insectarium that incorporates insects into Thanksgiving dishes. The video in the link below contains a how to on cricket pumpkin pie and it looks amazing.  ..Have you visited this Insectarium and tired their food? If so, I would love to hear what you thought!

 Image is from an Audubon Institute video from the link below:

Audubon nature Institute. Retrieved on 22 Nov.

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