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Crickets go to Boomtown!

BELGRADE, MT 03SEP2018 - Crickets go to BoomTown

Montana based company, Cowboy Cricket Farms Inc, is one of 11 startups in the 11th cohort of BoomTown Accelerator. BoomTown is a Boulder, CO based business accelerator that focuses on the founder and creates programming custom to each business. Besides the onsite program, BoomTown gives $20K to each team, provides business mentors, staff support, and ends in a Demo Day where each team will pitch to investors and also to the public. Kathy and James Rolin will remain onsite for the program to grow Cowboy Cricket Farms to the fullest while some key personnel will remain in Bozeman. “Our goal here is to continue the growth of our Partner Farmer program, finish our Automated Bin Habitats, and to grow as a company,” said Kathy Rolin, CEO. Their Partner Farmer program has had an immense amount of interest, even extending from other countries and Cowboy Cricket Farms now boasts the largest amount of cricket farming space in the United States, with Montana now home to 6 farms. “We have had guests visit us from all over the United States, Mexico, Canada, and some from Europe,” states James, managing director of the Partner Farmer Program. “We see our potential growth as endless and we are really excited to be a part of BoomTown and to accelerate that growth.”

Cowboy Cricket Farms is an edible insect farm, food manufacturer, and technology developer.

Cowboy Cricket Farms can be reached on their website, or on social media @CowboyCrickets

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