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New Automation System Design Release

automated cricket bin

Contact:  James Rolin

Phone: 562-208-5604




BELGRADE, MT 04FEB2018 - Cowboy Cricket Farms, LLC. In Belgrade, Montana has officially released the first photos and specifications of the first commercial available modular cricket farming system.  The system is self contained in a bin the regulates temperature and humidity while also monitoring air quality and maintaining feed and water for the tiny livestock.

Aimed at future cricket farmers, the Cowboy Cricket Farms automation system will allow for even the most novice farmer to efficiently raise crickets for human consumption without the large labor expense that has been seen in traditional insect farming.  Because of this Cowboy Cricket Farms has opened their doors to the public to allow for consumers and farmers to see how they operate.  In a notoriously secretive industry, they are the first major edible insect farm to do this.

Edible insects are on the rise in the US.  Compared to beef, crickets are over 2,000X more efficient with their water and 14X more efficient with their feed.  They also have twice as much iron content and are a good source of omega-3 fatty acids.  As the world population is set to reach 50 million people by the year 2050 it is critical that we find new ways to feed the planet.  Edible insects are one of the most promising sustainable food sources available today and are set to become even more popular in the future.

Stars are already doing it.  Justin Timberlake recently had a record release part in New York City with bugs on the menu, Nichole Kidman and Angelina Jolie are regular insect eaters.  There are even festivals starting all over the country to celebrate eating insects.  Just like sushi in the 1970’s, edible insects are not mainstream yet, but that is quickly changing.

An affordable business model.  The Cowboy Cricket Farms automated bins are planned to cost less than $300 each and allow for easy and affordable scaling of a farm within their website controlled internet portal.  Cowboy Cricket Farms guarantees to buy all of the crickets and frass (cricket poop used for fertilizer) that their partner farms can produce and want to reach 1,000 farms by 2020.

Cowboy Cricket Farms is an edible insect farm, food manufacturer, and technology developer.

Cowboy Cricket Farms can be reached on their website, or on social media @CowboyCrickets


  • Hello,

    Can we arrange a meeting and tour your farm.


    sara Shariatie
  • Hi my name is Martin
    We have a farm in Toronto Ontario canada
    Looking to start 40000 sq/feet cricket farm
    We find out you are most expected company about cricket farming
    Would you please give us some information about expenses and production like proximaly expenses to start for automation price how much product can we make with this system
    Is it profitable business
    Best Regards

  • We have a cricket farm in Australia
    I would be interested in your system
    Is it possible to get more information on how your system works?
    Warm regards Peter

    Peter Begnell
  • I appreciate all the information Cowboy Crickets have put together to further the use of crickets as food.

    Tj Riggs
  • Hello, please share more information on your equipment and cricket feeding.

    Sarunas Luksys

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