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*** Press Release *** Huge Expansion for Cowboy Cricket Farms!

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Cowboy Cricket Farms INC of Belgrade, MT is opening a new facility in Bozeman which will be a 10,000 sf farm and educational center open to the public.


Cowboy Cricket Farms is the first edible insect farm in the state of Montana.  Started in November of 2016 by Kathleen Rolin, a disabled Coast Guard veteran of Bozeman, this woman and veteran owned-and-operated farm has produced foods made from crickets for 3 years and become one of the largest edible insect companies in the USA.  Farming crickets offers several advantages over traditional livestock.  When compared to feedlot beef, Cowboy Cricket Farms’ processes for cricket production are 2,060X more efficient with water, 14X more efficient with feed, produce 80X less methane, use less than 1% of the comparable land mass, and contain twice the amount of iron for the same amount of protein.  There is a large established demand for cricket powder, which is increasingly incorporated in many products.

 James giving a tour

The largest issue that the company has faced during this time has been a lack of adequate sourcing. Despite increasing the amount of cricket farms and overall supply of crickets available the demand has outstripped the supply and more importantly this supply has proven itself to be unreliable. CCF has ran out of product due to lack of cricket every month for the last 6 months. Since the production space is a commercial kitchen this has also greatly affected the ability to provide customer outreach through tours. Tours were traditionally a large source of income, often over 50% of the total monthly revenue, but have now become nearly $0 due to the lack of availability despite the demand and inquiries for tours increasing.  CCF’s production facility is currently located in a difficult to reach space that has no ability to be seen from any major road. Despite this, interest in tours have continued to increase. CCF now requires a new and larger facility to increase supply organically and allow for the interest in tours to drive sales in the company.


The educational center at the new facility will consist of interactive and static exhibits.  All exhibits are centered around the idea of entomophagy as a way to normalize the eating of insects in western culture.  The main educational center will work in conjunction with the new automated farm to allow the public, for the first time ever, to see and experience a truly state of the art commercial insect facility.  Along with viewing the farm and life stages of the crickets, visitors will be able to view informational looped videos along the way and interact with the farm staff on guided tours (scheduled in advance).

 The layout for the new facility

CCF will host special events such as birthday parties, school tours, private events, and meetings.  These events will allow for increased exposure to the public and provide extended hours for sales as well as revenue from the events themselves.


The purpose of this expansion is to increase both production as well as public outreach and connection with the brand. The project is estimated to cost approximately $150,000 in build out and operating costs for the first 6 months. CCF is raising capital as well as employing grants and awards available from various sources to fund the project. The new facility is a total of 10,000 sf with 7,000 sf dedicated to farm operations and 3,000 sf towards a customer facing store and educational center creating a larger tourist drive.  This project increases public knowledge of the company, reduces cost of crickets, and increases revenues.


The new facility is located at 703 Bridger Canyon Dr, Bozeman, MT  and will open in early February 2020.  Cowboy zCricket Farms can be contact on their website and on most social media @CowboyCrickets


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For addition information please contact:

James Rolin

Marketing Manager,

Cowboy Cricket Farms, Inc




  • Congratulations on your new facility and thank you for your hard work in what I think will our food in the future.🐯😀

    Javier Gomez
  • congratulation!


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