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Cretaceous Crunchers

Crunch on Crickets. Cretaceous Style 

The past collides with the future in the form of Cretaceous Crunchers, a new product from Cowboy Cricket! Cretaceous Crunchers combines ethical and sustainable practices of the future with a critter that’s been around since the early Mesozoic era. Yup! Crickets!  A truly Montana treat, Cretaceous Crunchers are a blend of oatmeal, huckleberries, and crickets! Now, the idea of eating a cricket might seem a little strange, but Cowboy Cricket has been working to bring entomophagy to the Gallatin Valley and beyond for years!



Cowboy Cricket and Museum of The Rockies have partnered up to bring you Cretaceous Crunchers: cricket clusters with bold flavors of Montana huckleberry, crunchy delicious oats, and a white chocolate drizzle.


Why Crickets and Dinosaurs?

Crickets likely evolved in the Late Jurassic and would have been food sources for many different animals. Many insects played an important role in the growth of new species of Magnolia, Ficus, and Sassafras. Museum of The Rockies and Cowboy Cricket decided to work together on creating a snack that helps promote the importance of entomophagy (the eating of insects.) At the beginning of the Cretaceous Period, large insects played a very important role in the growth of many species. Bugs served as a nutrient-packed source for many hunters, especially birds of prey.  Now, in the 21st Century, humans are needing to look towards insects as a food source to survive major environmental shifts. Cretaceous Crunchers delivers a snack that many health and environmentally conscious shoppers can crunch down on. 

Try Crunching, Cretaceous Style:

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