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About Us

Nestled into the Gallatin Valley, Cowboy Cricket Farms brings bugs to the World in fun and exciting ways.



Cowboy Cricket Farms Inc. is an emerging industry leader in the entomophagy (edible insects) market in America.  Our product is 100% Acheta domesticus (common house cricket) farmed by our network of partner farmers. Currently, there are 7 independently owned farms within our network and more being added each month! Our greatest resource is our farmers. Not only do they grow superior crickets using our methods and feed, but they help spread the benefits of eating insects. Your purchases supports a multitude of people!


The First Steps as a Cricket Company

Cowboy Cricket Farms was founded by Kathy Rolin in 2016 while attending Montana State University as a nutrition student. It was here at the University that Kathy discovered the viable option of insects as food. After some research and internet crawling, Kathy was hooked on crickets! She decided she wanted to start a company in Montana that grows and sells crickets as snacks and food.  After some convincing, her husband James joined as the marketing manager and network coordinator. As parents they knew they had to develop a product that would be approachable and tasty. In short, it needed to not look like bugs. Alas, the Chocolate Chirp Cookie was born!

the Chocolate Chirp Cookie was our first product!



Handling the Jumping Success

After the cookie took off with wild success, we continued to work on expanding the company. A first huge step was creating the Partner Farmer Program. Next, we created several wonderfully robust Jumpers Whole Roasted Cricket snacks. We upgraded facilities, attended several startup workshops, dominated pitch competitions, and even began creating an automated cricket bin! The company grabbed on to the brave snackers and ran!


Travelling around the globe, Cowboy Cricket participated in several Startup Pitch Competitions, and won many of them! We were also fortunate enough to win an incredible research grant through Montana State University and the State of Montana to formulate special formulas for our cricket products, research nutritional compositions of cricket species', and offer solid numbers on how these little critters can replace any protein in almost every diet! 

Growing our Hoppy Team 

With the large strides taken, Cowboy Cricket has been able to continually adjust course as needed. One wonderful change the company was able to commit to is ensuring a reduction in their waste output! An addition of a third team member helped the company begin taking the extra steps it needed to keep on track with the companies mantra. Kree stepped on board with Cowboy Cricket with a goal to give Cowboy Cricket the creative edge it needed. The first major project tackled by the new team member was compostable packaging!

The cookie packaging is 100% Compostable Kraft material!


With the new team member, the new packaging, and the same goal to change the diet of every brave American, Cowboy Cricket continued pushing forward. 

Leading the Cricket Movement

After about 2 years of Cowboy Cricket, we are still growing. Every day is a challenge. As a crew, we continue to find ways to improve our old products. We work hard at educating America on Entomophagy. We help local schools in spreading awareness and comfort in bugs. We continue to spread our goal to feed America, one cricket at a time! 


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