About Us

Cowboy Cricket Farms Inc. is an emerging industry leader in the entomophagy (edible insects) market in America.  Our product is 100% Acheta domesticus (common house cricket) farmed by our network of partner farmers. Currently, there are 6 independently owned farms within our network and more being added each month! Our greatest resource is our farmers. Not only do they grow superior crickets using our methods and feed, but they help spread the benefits of eating insects. Your purchases supports a multitude of people!

Cowboy Cricket Farms was founded by Kathy Rolin in 2016 while attending Montana State University as a nutrition student.  After some convincing, her husband James joined as the marketing manager and network coordinator. As parents they knew they had to develop a product that would be approachable and tasty. In sort, it needed to not look like bugs. The Chocolate Chirp Cookie was born and has been loved by many!