Simply put, entomophagy is the eating of insects.  As with most things, however, it really isn't that simple.  It is not just a diet, or a type of food... it is the future.  Insects hold the key to supporting our ever growing population.  More than 80% of the world already eats insects as a regular part of their culture and diet.  Why don't we?

In the US we have been slow to adopt eating insects due to the negative connotations that bugs have for many people.  Luckily many people are starting to see the light and are making insects a part of their life and nutrition.  Unlike other protein sources like beef, pork, or chicken insects take little room to grow, little water to survive, and little food to thrive.  They also produce considerably less waste and damage to our precious environment.  It is estimated that producing crickets is 20X more efficient than cattle, produce 80X less methane than cattle, and require 6X less feed than cattle.  All to produce the same amount of protein.

So yes, Entomophagy is the eating of insects, but here at Cowboy Cricket Farms we see that it is the future of our world.  We hope that you see it that way too.


cricket protein comparisons