Kathleen Rolin, CEO and James Rolin, COO

From real world experiences in startups, this husband and wife due are versatile and offer complementary skills necessary for growing Cowboy Cricket Farms into America's top edible insect brand.

Kathy was inspired to pursue entomophagy after she met Ian Toews, director of Bugs On the Menu, at Montana State University. Kathy and James came up with the Chocolate Chirp Cookie to show people, by taste, how delicious crickets can be and a product was unexpectedly born. Kathy maybe the creative force of CCF, but James balances the business with his 15 years of marketing experience and savvy business sense. Between the two of them, they have won numerous awards and grants for CCF.

Florence Dunkel

Dr. Florence Dunkel, Entomologist

Florence created the first “Bug Buffet” which was hosted in 1988 and is continuing on to its 30th-year anniversary. Dr. Dunkel has her doctorate in Entomology and a minor in Zoology from the University of Wisconsin. Dr. Dunkel is the proud recipient of the 1992 Charles Lindbergh Research Award for her exceptional work in combing “Traditional Wisdom and Modern Technology”.

Ed Dratz

Dr. Edward Dratz, Biochemist

Ed is a current professor at Montana State University(MSU) teaching young minds about Chemistry and Bio-Chemistry with his Ph.D. in Chemistry, that he earned at Berkley California. Dr. Dratz operates a lab at MSU where they are researching possible preventive measures involving nutritional factors relating to type 2 diabetes. For the farm Dr. Dratz inspects the bio chemical make up for the final product. 

Trevor Huffmaster, Advisor

Trevor grew-up in Billings Montana, and currently works for the Blackstone Launch Pad at Montana State University where he advises Cowboy Cricket on how to grow. Trevor has received a plethora of degrees and certificates from a variety of Universities. Trevor is the director of 406 Labs, a business that helps entrepreneurs grow their ideas.